I Hope the Person Who Loves you is a Poet

Kate Wolf
2 min readApr 1, 2023


A notes app poem I wrote after one date with a girl. I don’t even think it was technically a date. (I apologize in advance this is grammatically incorrect and probably incorrect in other ways but it’s my first poem)

I hope the person who loves you is a poet.

And I hope they write about how the mole on your cheek is their favorite part of your face, so dark and mysterious and full, even though you hate it.

I hope they write how your voice sounds like the ocean. Like when you dunk your head under and your ears are filled with the rush of a moment of peace. You can almost hear the moon shaping the tides. Asking them to be pretty and strong and unforgiving.

I hope they write how smart and clever you are. How kind you are. How getting them a cup of water in a green glass (the same color as your eyes because they know these things) felt like a gift.

I hope they write how they didn’t know how to thank you for the actual gift you gave them because their heart was in their throat and their stomach was filled with butterflies playing a game of table tennis and they are the one losing.

I want them to write how you make them lose it.

Lose their keys.

Lose their ring.

Lose their glasses.

Lose their mind.

How every time you almost touch they want to dig their own grave because how could one person cause them so much feeling. It’s unforgiving. Like the tides.

I hope, I pray, when you read their poetry you see yourself. I hope you see that you are mysterious because I know you are and I know you want to be. You see, you are smart and clever and kind.

I hope you see that you are the green in the glass. You are the rush of a moment of peace. Pretty and strong and unforgiving.

K. Wolf



Kate Wolf

Poet (at least I'm trying). I might throw a short story in there for fun.